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Invest In Yourself

You can never go wrong investing in yourself.

Orie Voth

Dad went back to school to become a mechanical engineer after he was married and already had two kids. It made all the difference in the world to how we grew up and I’m grateful that he did it!

That’s what my Dad told me a long time when I was trying to decide if I should take out a student loan and go to graduate school.  It was good advice then, and I’ve used it often in my life when I’m trying to make a decision that involves spending money to learn something new.  The return on investment may not be immediate, but it’s usually worthwhile over the longer haul.

I bring this up, because it’s conference and workshop season all across the country and you’re probably trying to decide if you should go.  Money and time are always tight, and it’s hard to spend either one.  But here’s what I’ve learned, after going to lots and lots of conferences over the last 10 years, usually as a speaker.

When I go with the intent that I’m going to learn something that will make my business more successful, and me a happier person, I get what I was looking for.  Sometimes it comes from a speaker that I hadn’t expected would have something for me.  Sometimes it’s from someone I meet at the conference.  Going to conferences also puts me in a whole new environment, something that research has shown helps your brain make new connections.  So sometimes my brain suddenly takes two pieces of information, and puts them together in a new way to create something valuable.

We hope you find plenty of good workshops and conferences to attend, wherever you are.

Thanks for reading!


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