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Using Sheep and Goat Netting for Intensive Grazing

Dave Scott's Sheep RanchDave Scott and his wife own and operate Montana Highland Lamb (Home Grown and Happy) in Whitehall, Montana. Dave is also a livestock specialist at ATTRA’s National Center for Appropriate Technology in Butte, Montana. In this video he puts on both hats at once and shares how he uses sheep and goat netting for management intensive grazing on his ranch.

Dave likes sheep netting because it keeps the sheep (or goats) in and the predators out. But to use netting well, you need a few of the tips that Dave shares here, like how to pick them up and transport them efficiently, how to tramp down the grass as you go to keep it from hitting and shorting the fence, and how to figure out how much area you can fence in with one net.

One of the nice things about watching him set up a fence is you can see how it will try your patience a bit with posts catching on netting or even accidentally looping around the step in part of the post which will ground out your fence. Being prepared can help you relax and go with the flow.

Its just under 6 minutes, and it’s time well spent if you’re going to work with this kind of fencing!

Here’s the link for tablet readers.

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