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Advice and Funding Available for New, Beginning and Veteran Farmers and Ranchers

GetSomethingOutofOnPastureBidAdSometimes you should just ask for help. That’s what Joshua Eilers did when he was trying to get his feet on the ground as a new rancher and it made all the difference in the world.

As a Sergeant, Eilers served as team leader in the U.S. Army’s elite First Ranger Battalion. Although raised in a rural community outside Austin, Eilers had no background in production agriculture. Fast forward post-military and you’ll now find Eilers managing his herd of full blood Wagyu beef that he markets directly to retail establishments and restaurants in Austin. In the 4 minute video below he describes how his success was made possible with the help of USDA programs that assist new, beginning and veteran farmers and ranchers like Joshua Eilers of Ranger Cattle in Austin, Texas.

Eilers says, “Veterans should take advantage of all that USDA has to offer. USDA services and programs are meant to help you; so let them help you.” There are also lots of programs available to assist farmers and ranchers who have been in the business for awhile. So ask for help. It could make all the difference in your world too.

Learn more about USDA programs and services here. Learn more about Ranger Cattle here.

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