The Grazier’s Bookshelf

The icy hand of winter grasped my little valley just after Thanksgiving. After a fabulous grass-growing fall, the dark curtain fell, which meant I began watching the mailbox in earnest as winter is the time of year new books arrive, some of them about grazing. Recently I’ve written about steps people might take to explore the pathway toward becoming professional graziers, and a recurring theme is reading and studying. Basically, this is about taking the knowledge and ideas that some really smart people have already accumulated and sifting through it for things you can use at home. This is a very effective and efficient way to make progress toward the goal of being a grazier. With all this in mind, I’ve gone to my little library and looked for books that might be helpful to novice graziers, and also to more experienced folks. In addition, I’ve included a list of writers who haven’t necessarily published books, but who have been instrumental in moving the grazing and ranching business forward. Now is the season to snuggle up to the wood stove and spend some time expanding your mind and learning your craft. The people who wrote these books are big-thinkers, giants, and you can buy their ideas for pennies. Notes: the hardest part for me was sorting. I left many books off the list for one reason or another. Next, deciding which were most important for beginners was very difficult: all of these books are important. In the end, I decided to offer them based on co

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