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Pasture Walk at the Judy Farm

Sometimes the best way to learn something new is to visit another farmer or rancher to see how they do things. With that in mind, Greg Judy sent us this video so that you can take a virtual visit to his farm in Missouri. It shows him moving his cattle from one pasture to the next as they graze winter stockpile. In this 4 minute video he’ll show you what stockpile looks like when the cattle are finished with it and compare it to ungrazed stockpile. He also talks about how he sets up his cattle for a mile long move. You’ll see how easy it can be when the cattle understand the system and know what to expect and why they don’t need a back fence. He’s stocking his cows at about 150,000 pounds per acre density, so you’ll get to see what that looks like.

Enjoy this little visit to the Judy Farm!


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