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Vital Farms Raises Bullsh*t Free Eggs

When we first watched this video, it made us laugh, and it was headed for the On Pasture “Funnies” category. But then we visited the Vital Farms website to learn more and decided this is serious business.

Click to read about the three year study that found that there were unintended consequences of a cage free operations. Birds suffered more injuries, workers suffered from more health issues, and the carbon footprint for the operation increased.

You know, it and we know it: cage free and free range eggs aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. The birds may have a little more space than their cage-raised cousins, but the cramped quarters don’t really give the birds a better life and the eggs don’t have those lovely orange yolks that make pasture raised eggs taste so good.

But most consumers don’t know this. So Vital Farms has stepped in to tell them how things are, while providing them a really tasty alternative.

Vital Farms eggs are supplied by 100 independent farmers who use rotational grazing to keep their hens in grass. They call it “a salad bar that never ends.” Then they sell those eggs at hundreds of grocery stores and restaurants from California to Maine. (They’ve got another great video about their eggs and how chickens are raised here.)

Vital Farms is currently looking for growers in Arkansas, Eastern Oklahoma, Southern Missouri, Texas, western Tennessee, southwestern Kentucky, southern Illinois and Louisiana. You are welcome to contact them if you are outside that area, as they may be expanding their area of operations in the coming year. Having a nearby processing facility is critical to supporting new farms, so let them know if there’s one near you that would help them with their expansion. Head over here to check out their requirements, get contact information, and download a grower application.

For those of you who are already marketing your pasture raised eggs, we hope this gives you some additional information to share with your customers about why your product might be just what they are looking for.





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