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Small Cows Are Profitable – Big Cows Will Bankrupt You

In this video Greg Judy shows us his cattle this past April, just as the cows are losing strips of their winter coat and are calving. Greg focuses on small cows – from 875 to 1000 pounds – because he can run more of them per acre, they take less feed through they winter, don’t tear up wet spring pastures the way bigger cows do, and they can give you a calf on grass. He also gets more calves, and at 450 pound weaned weight he gets more per pound than he would for a 550 pound calf.

His advice, “Be careful when you’re selecting cows. Try and find them in that 1,000 pound range. Or find a smaller bull in the 1200 pound range and put them on those big cows.”

“Small cows are profitable. Big cows will bankrupt you!”
– Greg Judy

Tell us what your experience is with cow size. We’d love to have some community input on how you make this work at your place!


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