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Farmers and Ranchers Who Talk With Each Other Are More Profitable

A few years back, the agriculture and food development authority in Ireland analyzed the impact of farmers participating in discussion groups. They learned that members of these groups grossed the equivalent of about $100/acre more than their non-member counterparts.

Now, just leaving a comment on a discussion board, or being part of a farmer/rancher group isn’t a get rich scheme. You have to do something with all that information you get. And that’s exactly what seems to be happening when folks discuss. In fact, it turns out farmers who are members of a group are 20% more likely to act on the information gained from interacting with their fellow farmers. That means they try new things that make them more successful.

We like that idea. After all, that’s the only reason we started On Pasture – to help the folks we spend the most time with be a little richer and more sustainable. And that’s why we love seeing comments come in, with folks asking more questions, and others leaving great answers and adding their own experiences. It’s a great way for the On Pasture community to learn and grow.

Your comments are important because they’re what will help you and your fellow farmers absorb and use the information we publish each week.

So don’t be shy. Leave a comment and get richer with all our On Pasture readers!


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