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Want to Get Paid for Providing Ecosystem Services? Start by Lunching With Forages

Meet Debbie Reed, Executive Director of the Ecosystem Services Marketing Consortium. This Thursday, she’ll be talking about the work she and her colleagues are doing to develop markets that can pay farmers and ranchers for improving soil health and protecting water quality.

Reed is the first in the Oregon Forage and Grassland Council’s “Lunch With Forages.” And if you’re interested in forages, you’ll want to check out this free Zoom series. Each week you’ll spend an hour with graziers and experts in the field of forages to talk about what works. And you’ll get to ask questions of people with lots of experience.

Here’s What You Can Look Forward to With Lunch With Forages

Diverse pasture mixes and how they’ve performed with Jon Bansen.
Managing pastures for diversity vs. longevity and the pros and cons of planting annuals vs. perennials with John Andrae and Pete Wahl.
Silvopasture and integrating tree crops with John Fike.
Seeding warm and cool season forages and ways to improve feed efficiency with Daniel Olsen
Alfalfa grazing management with Derrick Moot all the way from New Zealand!
Forages to reduce nitrate leaching and improve livestock production with Rachel Bryant.

I participated in OFGC’s first round of presentations last June. They were fun and informative and I liked the “At the Bar” session – a great chance after the talk to meet like-minded folks and ask questions.

Some things to keep in mind if you’re interested: Space is limited so do register and do take the hour to be on the call. Recorded sessions will only be available later to Oregon Forage and Grassland Council Members. If you can’t be on the call, join OFGC to have access.

Here’s to learning more about forages!

Thanks for reading!


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