Record Keeping and the Importance of Journaling

In keeping with the spirit of the Thanksgiving week, here's a little something about how record keeping can make us remember the past and be grateful. There have been, over the years, many discussions of the importance of records in the livestock business. There are production records. There are breeding and birthing records. There are records of expenses and income and profits and losses. And then there are the records like my wife Betty keeps. Betty has kept a journal for years. I understand that this is called journaling. As of late I have come to appreciate this more than I could have imagined that I ever would, simply because it is a source of dates and events from all of our yesterdays. It has been used to remember things that at the time were important and have over the years come to represent our history. Now understand I have never been guilty of reading Betty’s journals this is, as far as I am concerned, hers and is none of my business. When I thought of writing this piece I asked her, "Is there a difference between a journal and a diary?" She was not sure so we consulted Mr. Webster and found this: a journal is a daily record of happenings. A diary is a daily written record of the writers own experiences and thoughts. So, to be very truthful, the events that will be described in this narrative will be of Betty’s choosing and with our

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