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Greg Judy’s Newest Book is Now Available!

Well, this is exciting! 🙂

Greg Judy’s latest book, “How to Think Like a Grazier – Inspiration, Mentors and Getting It Done” is hot off the presses.

I’m excited about it for two reasons:

1) As the editor for this project, I’m really tickled about how it came together, and

2) I think graziers will really benefit from what he has to share.

This is Greg’s third book. His first, “No Risk Ranching,” describes how he went from dead broke in 1999 to running a successful grazing operation on leased land and leaving his town job. His second, “Comeback Farms,” takes up where “No Risk Ranching” leaves off. He shares how to add sheep, goats and pigs to existing operations, and how to revitalize tired pastures with good grazing management.

But, being a good grazier is more than just moving livestock and setting up fences. It’s a way of being and thinking. So, in his third book, Greg shares some traits he’s nurtured in himself to create success. He writes about the mental toughness and techniques that helped him through hard times. He describes how he embraced his dream, learned to think differently, and chose change. He also talks about the mentors who shaped his thoughts about grazing management and describes the practices he implemented as a result. He also walks readers through a detailed example of what he thinks about when setting up a new lease, and how he works with landowners to maintain their interest in the land and the work that he’s doing there. And, since water is a critical issue to your success, he outlines the different watering systems that have worked best for him.

Greg and Jan Judy are passionate about healthy farms and healthy farmers.

Greg says, “Giving back to our farming community, to the current generation and the next, drives us to share what we’ve learned – what worked and what didn’t. We want to help you find your path to success.”

If you’ve read Greg’s books and On Pasture articles, watched his videos, attended his presentations, or participated in one of his grazing schools, you know he’s sincere about his desire to help. His latest book is just one more way he’s helping graziers create success.

To order your copy, visit Greg’s website here.

Thanks for reading!


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