Pinkeye and Fly Management Made Easier

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It’s July, and as usual, the most popular searches at On Pasture are about how to treat Pinkeye. Why? This is when fly populations seem to reach their peak, and one fly in particular, the face fly, is a big part of spreading pink eye through a herd.

But they’re not the only problems for livestock. Horn flies and stable flies are biting and feeding on the shoulders, backs, and legs of your cattle reducing weight gain and milk production.

This year, I want to make your lives easier. So, I’ve gathered all the information we have into one, easy-to-read ebook. In “Pinkeye and Fly Management Made Easy,” you’ll learn about your fly enemies and what you can do about them. It includes:

• Farmer Fly Trap hacks that really work,

• the latest research on a supplement that reduces fly populations by about 50% – along with instructions for buying and serving it up.

• How to work with parasitoids, birds and dung beetles to make your life easier.

• Culling to improve herd genetics to reduce fly and parasite worries.

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I hope this helps your summer go more smoothly.

Wondering if ebooks are a good value? Check out our FREE ebook, “Grazing 101” as an example.

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  1. Good morning, I raise cattle on pasture and am also a ruminant nutritionist feeding cows across Western NY. Over the years have tried many fly products with my own herd and others. We currently use the topical spray Fly Ban and literally have no flies on our cattle. I use every two weeks and simply walk cows on pasture giving them a squirt of Fly Ban as I walk.

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