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Welcome to the On Pasture Library!

Here’s how it works


The On Pasture Library has no funding to cover maintenance costs. So I’m relying on readers who find it helpful to pitch in. If you want the library to live on, consider adding something to the Tip Jar from time to time.

If I can’t cover costs, the library will be shut down, but I will be sure to warn readers before that happens.

Finding Articles

There are over 2,500 articles in the Library. There are a number of ways you can find what you’re looking for.


Visit our ebook collection.

Stop by and Browse

Articles in the categories on the main page are produced randomly, so every time you stop by you’ll find something new to read.


Browse by Topic


Search for Something Special


Check out Other Resources

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We don’t sell your contact information, and you won’t get anything more than the weekly email, or very occasionally two if there’s something important happening, or none if Kathy is busy with her retirement and is camping, ukulele playing, art projects or doing some other interesting thing.

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