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Harsh Truths That May Change Your Life

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Seems I have lots of advice to offer as I transition On Pasture to its future as a grazing library. Here’s some more…

I can’t remember where on the internet I found this. It’s been sitting in the background on my computer screen for months now. Every time I find it, I read through it again and test it against what I believe and why I do what I do. Each time I wish I had known some of these things earlier, and then I admit that it’s only now, with many years of experience behind me, that I understand and can accept some of these things. Others I’ve known all along and I’ve lived my life with them in mind.

I’m sharing it with you because my goal with On Pasture has always been to make your lives better, and I think this might help. You can download a full size version here.

These are a few thoughts I’d like to leave you with:

You’ll only see your loved ones a few more times.

I’ve lived this every day and it’s one of the reasons I’m leaving On Pasture. I have friends spread across the country that I haven’t spent enough time with. I plan to head out and see them now. I hope you’re making time for your loved ones too!


Yes, it’s extra-large and in all-caps. That’s because I’ve spent a lot of time at On Pasture debunking hacks and snake oil and practices that cost you time and money without providing real benefit. There is only nature, and understanding and working with her, and it takes time and hard work.

Money is a terrible barometer of happiness.

Too many farmers believe this and then fall into the “well, it’s a lifestyle and I’m rich in that.” But in the background many actually feel under-valued and that can lead to bitterness and anger. As Sahil and Sachin say, money is correlated with happiness up to a baseline. You don’t need all the money in the world, but you need enough. So be good business people! Be real with yourselves about what makes you happy and then go towards that.

Take care. And thanks for reading!


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