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Climate and Grazing

Last month John Marble shared how thankful he is to be in agriculture because his opportunity to do good is so much bigger than it is for most people. “I get to manage 500 acres of grass and trees and soil and water!”

“People who have it in their heart to do good for the world, well, we have the opportunity to make a huge change on a 1,000,000 to 1 scale,” he said. “Our tremendous opportunity actually approaches the level of obligation. I mean, if we have a chance to do this good work and we choose not to, well, what does that say about who we are? And who the heck else is going to do it?”

That’s why I’ve added a new category to the On Pasture Library site. “Climate and Grazing” gives you information about what you can do right now to help us solve the global problem of rising temperatures and extreme weather events. Because I think it’s so important, I’ll be adding articles to this category in the coming months.

For a quick way to get started making a difference, here’s a two article series on spreading compost as a way to dramatically increase carbon sequestration and forage production too. You can do good for everyone while improving your bottom line. What’s not to love?!

Thanks for your good work!


P.S. Spread the word – everything is free to read. 🙂

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