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“Hmm…” vs “NO WAY!”

How do you feel when you get new information that says something you thought you knew may not be true?

Are you kind of uncomfortable, like solid ground isn’t so solid? Do you feel like dismissing the new idea?

That’s all normal. But outside our comfort zone is where we make breakthroughs. So it’s important that we learn how to pause, consider and then respond.

It’s something I wrote about the first time I published the surprising data about how much regrazing actually happens when we leave livestock in pasture. As I said then, my intent is never to be combative, but to simply offer information that gets that big brain of yours looking at something in a new way, so you can create new solutions, improve your management, and be a profitable, successful grazier.

This kind of critical thinking – questioning our sources, reading widely, and examining ideas and our beliefs – is crucial not only to the health of your operation, but to the success of our communities. We need your thoughtful consideration of new ideas and practices.

Thanks for reading!


P.S. Want more on developing critical thinking skills? Here’s a good resource.

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