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What’s up this week?

I don’t have a lot to tell you this morning as I’ve been busy with some other work. I’ve been writing a chapter for a book on economic uses of invasive plants to be published by the Missouri Botanical Garden Press. As you already guessed, I’m writing about teaching livestock to eat weeds. I really like how my chapter is coming together, and I hope to share it with you all in the future.I’ve also been working with John Wick on our December presentation for the Oregon Forage and Grasslands Council. We’re going to talk about the research on his ranch that led to the discovery that spreading compost is incredibly effective for increasing soil carbon sequestration. We’ll also talk about the work he’s doing to help others adopt this practice. We’re presenting as part of OFGS’s “Lunch With Forages” program and is free to join via Zoom. I’ll let you know when the link is up so you can register.

Parasites and Prevention

Thursday, November 17, Noon –  1 PST
Space is limited – Register today.

While we’re talking about Lunch With Forages, this week’s speaker is Dr. Joe Snyder, and if you’re concerned about parasites, you’ll want to register for this one. Snyder is a veterinarian with decades of experience working with grass-based farms and ranches. For many years, he ran the Myrtle Veterinary Hospital in southwest Oregon. His clients grazed beef cattle, sheep, dairy cows, goats, and horses in a mild climate that was ideal for grass and worms, coccidia, and other parasites that thrive on pastures. He’ll talk about parasite treatments, resistance, and how grazing strategies can reduce or increase parasite loads.

That’s all I’ve got for you. Enjoy your day!


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