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I woke up this morning thinking about the upcoming Lunch With Forages. It features two gentlemen from Lithuania who will be talking about what they’re doing to restore grasslands and wetlands, improve soil health, and increase biodiversity through regenerative agriculture practices. Plus who wouldn’t be interested in the “Good Farmer Championship they host?!  What a great opportunity to see things from a completely different perspective!

Click to register. Space is limited! 

I like things that offer new perspectives because they provide opportunities for creative thinking. It’s why I read on such a wide variety of topics, and it’s why I included “Consider This” as one of On Pasture’s weekly categories. When we can see things differently we can find new, and even unexpected solutions. (Yes, maybe the example of meat from sewage sludge is a bridge too far, but it’s pretty creative! :-))

So, I hope you’ll enjoy this week’s collection of interesting perspectives and ideas that come from outside the grazing world. And if you have time, join the free Lunch with Forages Zoom meeting on Thursday!

Thanks for reading!


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