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Good News: You Don’t Have to Make New Year’s Resolutions!

I’d like to start off with some great news:

You don’t need to make New Year’s Resolutions!

January 1st is an arbitrary date chosen by whoever invented the calendar and it’s not necessarily a day that’s better than others to decide on making changes to our behavior. That’s why so many of us fail in just a few weeks.

Instead, we should choose the timing that makes sense for us. For example, I made a resolution last June to work on my physical health and then I set up some motivators to keep me going. My latest is my watch which tells me how much more I have to move to meet my goal, and tickles my wrist when I need to move or when I’ve succeeded. So far it’s all working.

And in case you’re saying, “Oh, Kathy, I need a little more than your say-so to rid me of the guilt of not making a resolution,” here’s a great article from Wired Magazine. It will tell you all about the stages of change so you can see where you’re at and what you’d like to do next. Enjoy!

Here’s to a great 2023 for everyone!

Thanks for reading!


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