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Your On Pasture Editors Have a Mission

Rachel and Kathy back in February of 2013 just before On Pasture was first published. Photo by Troy Bishopp.

Kathy Voth and Rachel Gilker started On Pasture in March of 2013 with a little help from their friends and colleagues – lots of them! In fact, they’ve been joined over the years by many of the most well-known names in the grazing industry, and they’ve brought in a lot of new faces with brand new, useful insights. You can meet Kathy, Rachel and other On Pasture authors by checking out the Staff page.

Kathy and Rachel showed up with a mission: to translate research and experience into practices graziers could use right away. Why? They wanted to help folks raising livestock on pasture to be more profitable, and to support them in contributing to the health of their communities and environment.

In just four short years, On Pasture has published over 1600 articles and our readership has grown to 100,000 a month. Here’s why:

• On Pasture is the best source for approachable, scientifically accurate information about pasture-based livestock production served up weekly with a dash of humor.

• We write in plain language and focus on turning ideas into practices ready for your farm or ranch.  (For more about what you’ll find here, see our Editorial Policy.)

• We provide current, accessible, relevant information to the community of those who care about pasture-based livestock production.

• We are an educational resource for management agencies, conservation organization staff members, and other agricultural service providers, as well as for ranchers, farmers, and homesteaders.

• And here at On Pasture, we have no qualms taking to task any piece of research that won’t hold water, any story that hasn’t got its science right, and any urban myth brought to our attention. We do this because we care deeply about how research impacts producers and public perception. Good science plays such a critical role in the efficacy of and advocacy for resilient soil, healthy livestock, and strong communities.

So that’s what you’ll get from us: the best ideas and research, from the people who’ve been successful doing them, documented so you know they work, and translated into steps that you can start using right away.

Ask For What You Want

On Pasture publishes articles that respond to the questions we’ve been asked.  Help us serve you better!  Tell us what you want, tell us about your operations and what information would meet your operation’s needs. 

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