Sidebar Ads

Sidebar ads appear in the far right column on all On Pasture pages.  And, like banner ads, sidebar ads switch whenever a reader clicks on a new page. Content stays fresh and readers pay attention.

To see for yourself, refresh this page or click to a new page. Notice what happens to ads in the sidebar ad space?

Unlike advertising on paper, the On Pasture community can connect directly from our website to yours just by clicking on your ad.  Based on our current community of readers, your ad typically will receive about 750,000 impressions per month.

Based on our prices, an ad with On Pasture costs about $0.20-$0.30 per thousand impressions, CPM in ad lingo.  That’s a great deal!  You can’t find a better one to reach the On Pasture community.

We sell no more than 24 sidebar ads per month and only 8 ads will appear in the sidebar at the same time.  Those ads “stick” as readers scroll down the page.  That means your ad will always be visible when it is “up” in the rotation.

Choose the size and price that works for you:

Rectangular Ad
260 pixels wide x 130 pixels high – $200/month or $500 for 3 months
Here’s an example for size. Choose the colors and information that suit your needs best.

Livestock for Landscapes Learn to turn weeds into forage

Square Ad
260 pixels wide  x 260 pixels high – $300/month or  $800 for 3 months.
Here’s a sample ad, just to get an idea of size and how much information you can put in the ad.


Mondo Ad
260 pixels wide x 390 pixels high — $500/month or $1300 for 3 months.
These ads combine the heights of a rectangular ad and a square ad.

Place Your Ad

First, decide the option that works best for you. Then drop us a note ( to set up an appointment to go over details for an ad order. You’ll need to work up your ad image and the link to one of your webpages. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns along the way!

New to making ads? We can help. Our ad design services are low-cost and done In-House. We know our readers and can help your design reach them. We’ll work with you to come up with several choices we can adjust until you’re ready to go!