April 20, 2020

Yes! Your Livestock Can Eat Horsenettle! (and some other southern favorites too)

In September of 2014, I worked with Alan DeRamus of the Univerity of Louisiana and Don and Betty Ashford of Ethel, Louisiana on a project to introduce farmers to the idea of teaching cattle to eat weeds so they could manage some of their most problematic plants. Here’s an update of that project. Training up […]

January 18, 2016

Teaching Cows to Eat Weeds – A Farmer’s Perspective

Editors’ Note: Don and Betty Ashford of Ethel, Louisiana shared their experience teaching cows to eat weeds as part of Kathy Voth’s presentation at December’s National Conference on Grazing Lands. For those of your who couldn’t be there, here’s a little bit more about how it worked for them. This project involved 12 grown cows, […]

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