July 27, 2020

Does Keeping the Soil Wet Around a Ground Rod Keep an Electric Fence Hot?

This week’s electric fence article from Jason Detzel describes how to set up a Pos/Neg fence to keep it hot even when weeds begin to build up along the bottom wire. It’s a lesson he learned from first-hand experience. You’ll appreciate the diagrams included, as well as the video that shows how to implement it […]

June 29, 2020

Should You Get a Fault Finding Fence Tester?

Wayne R. who runs FencerFixer, shared this helpful information with us in May of 2015. It’s still helpful today. I usually say if you have over 10 or 20 acres of area fenced off, then go ahead and buy a good fault finding tester. If you have less than that, then purchasing a standard digital […]

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