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Death and Taxes – Estate Tax Realities

We hope none of you are planning on dying anytime soon, but the reality is that we all go at some point.  For farmers...

Death and Taxes Part II – State Taxes

In Part I of Death and Taxes we looked at the Federal "Death Tax" and found that changes to the tax laws have reduced the worry for most farms, ranches and small businesses. But you're not out of the woods until you know a bit about your state estate taxes. So check it out!

Transferring Farm Assets or Retiring From Farming: Tax Tips When You’re Gifting or Inheriting

Editors Note: This is Part Two on the ins and outs of U.S. Tax Law when passing on your farm and assets. Part One...

Ranching in the Future – What Should Young Ranchers Expect?

I recently received a note from a young friend (let’s call her Peggy Sue) who desperately wants to be a rancher. Since her childhood...

What Does Proposed Tax Reform Mean for Farmers and Ranchers?

On Pasture has no position on the current tax reform legislation, nor are the editors experts in tax law, the proposed legislation, or how...

Land Contracts: Owner Financing With a Twist

In the spirit of examining ways to acquire land through seller-financing, it is time to take a look at land contracts.  The land contract...

A Primer on the Owner-Financed Farm Sale

There are fewer farm acquisition arrangements more attractive for new farmers than the owner-financed sale.  It can be a win-win situation for both the...

Conservation Easements FAQs

Conservation easements are a way to protect open lands such as farms and ranches, wildlife habitats, historic and cultural sites, and scenic vistas from...

Transferring Farm Assets or Retiring From Farming: Tax Tips When You’re Selling

Farmers and others interested in maintaining the working landscape need to plan carefully in order for farms to be successfully transferred. This is true...

How to Get Your First Farm Loan

Here's what lenders are looking for and what you can expect as you go through the process of borrowing money from a bank. It's good information even for those who've gotten loans in the past.

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