Take the Drudgery Out of Soil Testing

Remember when you were a kid and it was the best thing in the world to spend an afternoon playing in the dirt?  We made dams, dug tunnels, made little roads for our trucks, filled them with dirt and made piles.  And then we grew up, and dirt became soil, and we turned it into a job. It doesn't have to be that way.  Soil testing can be fun.  Here's how. 1.  Get ahold of your state or local Extension office to find out where you can submit soil for testing and where to get the forms.  Many are downloadable.  Worried about the cost?  Soil testing is cheaper than investing in the wrong soil treatment. 2.  Pick a nice day, and a pasture that doesn't seem to be performing as well as you'd like.  You've been thinking about ways to improve its fertility, but you know in the back of your mind that you ought to find out what's under all that vegetation before you throw money on it.  You're going to be taking a little walk in this field, so keep it between 1 and 5 acres. 3.  Gather your supplies.  You'll need a soil probe, a small pipe, or a small shovel, and a plastic bucket to collect all the samples.  Carry all that in one hand and a cooler with your favorite beverage in the other.  Take some friends, your spouse or your kids. 4.  Stroll across your pasture, zig zagging here and there.  When you were a kid, you probably would have imagined that you were a race car driver, swerving to avoid other cars and pedestrians.  You're older now, so imagine what

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