What A Slinky Knows and What That Means to Our Drought Response

We all know about gravity and how it keeps things firmly attached to the earth.  And we've all experienced what happens when we're climbing over a fence and somehow manage to trip and fall.  When that happens to us, we wish we could hover for a moment so we could get our feet under us before gravity yanks us to the ground.  But physics doesn't provide for hovering. Or does it?  Last September, RadioLab posted a podcast about "What A Slinky Knows" describing what happens when you drop a slinky.  Here's the experiment instructions from their blog post if you have a slinky and would like to try this at home: 1) Dangle a Slinky above the ground as though you were holding a fish by the tip of its tail. 2) Let it extend to its full length. 3) Let go. For a fraction of a second, something amazing happens: the bottom of slinky hovers in midair, seeming to defy the laws of physics, while the top collapses toward it. This isn't a result of any magical properties the slinky has.  The bottom just floats there because it hasn't gotten the information yet.  As s

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