How To Teach Livestock to Eat Weeds

Kathy Voth developed a method based on animal behavior science to teach cows or any ruminant to eat weeds. She shares information on weeds

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2 thoughts on “How To Teach Livestock to Eat Weeds

  1. ROFLMAO! It’s like hiding the kale in a toddler’s lunch.

    Do you have to do refresher training? Or is the herd’s “culture” changed enough that the herd as a whole continues eating the target plants?

    1. No refresher training is necessary. As the cows wander their pastures they add more and more weeds to their diet all on their own. The only time I do any additional training is when there is a weed in pasture that I know they could eat, but they haven’t tried yet. Then I bring back a few tubs, set them near the weeds and put a few of the weeds in the tubs. Because they know that everything I put in the tubs is good to eat, they try the weed, and then go to eating it in pasture.

      Glad you enjoyed this! And thanks for writing!

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