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Is It Time To Let The Cows Out?

It’s the time of year when we’re all chomping at the bit to head out to green pasture.  We can see the grass coming up, we’re tired of feeding hay and our stock is tired of eating it.  We know that hitting our pastures too soon could come back to bite us later and might mean more hay feeding next year. Every spring it’s the same struggle – to graze or not to graze!

Jason Rowntree of Michigan State University can help you in just 3 short minutes.  In this video, he shows you how he uses his trusty grazing stick to tell him whether he can put his animals on pasture.  It’s so easy, you’ll want to do it too!

If you don’t have a grazing stick already, here’s a link to places you can find one!   Remember that different areas require different measurement sticks.

We’ll cover more ways to use a grazing stick in future issues.


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