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Gaining Ground Chapter 1

By   /  May 7, 2013  /  1 Comment

Recently, US Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack called for a new, positive story about American agriculture. He said that rural America was becoming less and less politically relevant, and that we need a story that would encourage young people to become involved in farming, and show how we can create new opportunities for rural America. We think this new book could be just that story.

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On Pasture is delighted to be chosen by Lyons Press to give readers a preview of Forrest Pritchard’s new book “Gaining Ground,” letting us share the first chapter.  Download it here:  GainingGround – Ch 1

Gaining Ground is written by a young, organic farmer who, despite all the odds, set out to save his family’s farm and succeeded.  In the process, he redefines how we think about food and farming, explaining the human connection to our soil, to the people who grow our food, and to our rural heritage. He encourages future farmers and ranchers by showing them that the family farm can be saved.  And he shows the consumer how deeply their food choices impact communities.

GainingGroundReviewsJoel Salatin wrote the book’s forward and he says “While farmers – both the dabblers and the full-timers – will thoroughly enjoy this book, I think its best audience is the seeker, the adventurer who will never farm.  Why?  Because those of us out here doing the real work for farming desperately need the rest of the world to come on this journey with us….As co-stewards of this great creation, we all owe future generations the benefit of knowing something about farming, food production and land care.  For this reason, I think adding adventurous farming books to the mix…is a must for well-rounded people.”

We’re excited about this book because we think it can reach that audience of seekers and adventurers and start a new conversation about food and farming that is meaningful to both the producer and the consumer because it can appeal to both.  We’re hoping that it will be read by lots of people, and maybe even hit the New York Times Best Seller list.  Just think, a book by a farmer, about farming being read by people in cities everywhere!  If you’d like to help make that happen, you can order the book here.  Then tell your friends, families, colleagues, libraries, and newspapers about the book.  Just email them the link to this page where they can read the first chapter and learn more, or share this on your Facebook page.

Here’s an update on Gaining Ground from May 14, 2013

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  1. Victoria Allen says:

    I wish I felt like Tom Vilsack could be trusted. Surely he has some sort of agenda. He is a Monsanto man. Monsanto has recently bought seed companies and is at least sells heirloom. I happened to buy a pack of Ferry- Morse heirloom beans. My garden farmer would not use them.
    Go for it but trust no one.

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