9 Rules for Starting Your Own Farm

As a guest contributor for "The Art of Manliness," Forrest Pritchard shares his 9 Rules for Starting Your Own Farm.  From managing debt, to identifying your market, setting reasonable goals, and growing your passion, these rules make good sense, whether you're a man, or a woman, are new to farming, or have been farming for some time. Here are the nine rules.  To get the details (AND the bonus rule), you'll have to go see Forrest's column here. 1.  Avoid debt! 2.  Allow yourself the opportunity to fail. 3. Identify your market before you start farming. 4. Match the land to its suited use. 5. Grow your passion. 6. Set reasonable goals. 7. Don't worry about what other people think. 8. Have a sense of humor. 9. Read. Ask questions.  Share your knowledge.

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