Evaluating Potential Pasture Land, Part 3

In addition to the property features discussed in my last article, there are three more categories to evaluate before you decide to lease or buy pastureland. It is crucial that your landowner or realtor give you a complete tour of the land, or give you permission to look around yourself. Take into account any man-made infrastructure on the land. Are there gravel roads or paths that will allow easy access to all parts of the property, with a pickup truck or four-wheeler? Will a truck and trailer or semi be able to maneuver efficiently? A basic corral or handling facility is necessary to work animals and load them into trailers at sale time. If there isn’t a purpose-built corral on the property, don’t worry. Small herds can be processed through an existing barn, or a simple pen can be constructed out of steel tube panels for a few hundred dollars. An alley and basic headgate can be economically added after selling your first crop of lambs, calves or meat. If you plan to stay on the property for a long time, consider a custom-designed corral system from a company like Powder River or Priefert Ranch Equipment. Options are available for every budget and herd size. Find out from your landowner or realtor if any utility companies have easements on the property. Are there any hunters or other leasees who will be using the land? You will need to take these other users into

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