Raising Pigs on Pasture

Karma Glos and her husband Michael were both wildlife biologists in Washington state when they decided to move back to Michael's home state to begin farming.  With their daughter, Rosie, they've spent the last 13 years creating a diversified livestock operation that works for them, the land they farm, and their local market.  Thanks to intense management, their 20 acres produces about 300 meat birds, 300 laying hens, 50 turkeys, 5 or 6 meat steers, and several litters of Tamworth pigs each year. Breeding and Farrowing Pastured Pigs In this first, 9 minute video, Karma describes how they chose the Tamworth pig for their farm, and what they look for in a breeding sow.  She describes breeding - picking the right sows and boars and the challenges of maintaining good genetics in a small herd, and feeding during gestation and after farrowing to make farrowing easy and ensure healthy piglets that can be weaned in just 8 weeks.  Throughout she shares pointers on how they make raising pastured pigs easy to manage and profitable for their farm.  Looking at her example, you might think of ways to adjust for your own needs. Finishing Pigs on Pasture Kingbird Farms sells all but about 2 litters of their piglets to people wanting their own feeder pigs, or to farms that need breeding stock.  In this video, Karma describes how they raise their two litters of pigs on pasture.  She has great tips on how to train pigs to electric fencing and keeping them cool during the h

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  1. Very interested in purchasing some of your stock for breeding on my farm.
    I am located on grand island ,NY 14072.
    Cost and availability.

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