Extreme Shepherding!

Shepherding is an art and a science. Working with dogs to move flocks of sheep carefully and accurately takes patience and planning. The Baaa Studs in Wales demonstrate the most impressive 3 minutes of shepherding ever caught on film. Where else can you play Pong with sheep? Do you remember Pong? If you haven't seen watched the Baa Studs yet, click below for a grand time.  If you have already seen it, isn't it great fun?! My kids keep coming over to the computer when I click on it, and their reviews are: "It's awesome."  and "The shepherds are really smart and worked really hard." Thanks to Sam Smith, former Shepherd of Shelburne Farms for introducing the Baa Studs to us. Thanks to Leonardo da Vinci for inspiring the Baa Studs. And thanks to the Baaa Studs for sharing their fun with us. (And for picking such a cool name. Baaa Studs would be a great name for a team or a rock band, and we just got to say it 5 times in this one article.) https://youtu.be/qniwI2hNhDs And the link for our tablet readers.

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3 thoughts on “Extreme Shepherding!

  1. I read the article on Baah Studs. It said to click below for video, but there’s nothing below to click on? What am I missing?

    1. Hi!

      It seems that some systems have trouble viewing the videos, particularly iPads. I’m not sure why. But here is the link to the video on Youtube:



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