Value Added Products Help Dairy Beat Problematic Milk Prices

Last week, Rose Wilson introduced us to some tools for setting our own goals as a first step in planning for success.  This week, we'll see how things are working out for one of her clients, Kingdom

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2 thoughts on “Value Added Products Help Dairy Beat Problematic Milk Prices

  1. Rose Wilson is a great resource and we appreciate that she is also working on this side of the river in NH. NH does not have a Farm Viability program, but we at the NH Community Loan Fund are a private non profit and have private funding partners that enable us to offer cost-sharing so that more NH farms can benefit from good business planning. Please contact Charlene Andersen at 603-856-0773.

  2. What a nicely done video. I didn’t know farmers had resources like that to help them do their business planning better. I love the way they talk about strengths first to open up the communication and give respect to the farmers first. Well done.

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