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Editorial Policy

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We provide our readers with  information that has been substantiated by research through the scientific process, or by documented anecdotes that demonstrate the success of a practice over time.  We respect the significant investment producers have in their operations, and the risk and benefits that change can represent.  Therefore, our articles will focus on helping you determine how or if information gathered in one location can be extrapolated and adapted to your operation.

We believe that it is our job to help sift through the chaff of fads and magic bullet or one-size-fits all solutions.  With that in mind, we reserve the right not to publish articles when they are not supported by data or documented evidence.  We will also be very clear when we are sharing our opinions.

We ask ourselves these questions about each article we consider for publication:

Does it provide something of value to our readers?

Is it easy to understand?

Does it pass the sniff test?

We reserve the right to decline any article.

Consider This

Different perspectives can inspire new, creative solutions, so in this section we’ll share a variety of voices on a variety of topics.  Whether we agree or disagree, we hope it will at least give us all some food for thought.

Comment Policy

We encourage our readers to share constructive comments and to discuss experiences, and thoughts with fellow readers.  We are promoting a supportive community where we learn from each other and the many mistakes we’ve made and the successes we’ve all had along the way.  Rude, offensive and unkind comments will be removed.  Repeat offenders will be asked to join a different herd.

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