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We Really DO Eat the Bones!

By   /  September 9, 2013  /  3 Comments

Have you seen the Kentucky Fried Chicken commercial where the guy freaks out because he thinks he ate the bones? Here’s Forrest Pritchard’s take on how that works at his place.

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I was getting new shocks for my farm truck, sitting in the waiting room, when a commercial came acro
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About the author

Forrest Pritchard is a professional farmer and writer, holding degrees in English and Geology from the College of William and Mary. His farm Smith Meadows was one of the first “grass finished” farms in the country, and has sold at leading farmers’ markets in Washington DC for more than fifteen years. His book Gaining Ground, A Story of Farmers’ Markets, Local Food and Saving the Family Farm (Click HERE) was named a Top Read by The Washington Post and NPR. Forrest’s new book The Farmer In Your Kitchen: A Celebration Of Extraordinary Farms And Local Flavors is slated for release in Fall 2015, from the award-winning press The Experiment.


  1. joy pulver says:

    Not too many generations ago, pretty much everyone chewed on the bones to get the nutritious marrow out, at the very least. And many cooks still cut the bones into pieces before making soup to get the marrow out.

  2. Sarah says:

    We feed the heads and feet from our pastured poultry to our guard dogs. They love them!

  3. I appreciate your essay on eating the bones. In the future you might consider how much Americans spend on Calcium/magnesium/glucosamine supplements.

    We buy too many Costco rotisserie chickens, but understand that the most nutritionally-dense part is the soup we make from the carcass.

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