We Really DO Eat the Bones!

I was getting new shocks for my farm truck, sitting in the waiting room, when a commercial came across the television. The scene: three friends wolfing down chicken during their lunch break. One guy eats so quickly that he suddenly stares at his empty box, and screams in horror: “I think I ate the bones. I ate the bones! I ATE THE BONES!!!” Don’t worry, champ. A euphonious voiceover quickly explains that KFC has removed the bones in advance, creating the ultimate poultry-pounding experience. The voice goes on to explain that there’s no skin either, just pure protein and spices. If only we could unhinge our jaws like a python, the ad stops just short of saying, we could even circumvent all that time-consuming chewing. As an organic livestock farmer who sells free-range chicken at farmers’ markets each weekend, I’ve grown numb to these types of commercials over the years. We live in a culture where Cheaper-Faster-24/7 food exists in direct contrast to the seasonal, sustainable offerings I grow. For a small family farmer, trying to battle mainstream fast food head-on is completely pointless. Instead, I simply grow what nature provides, and offer customers an authentically different food experience. And yet, every once in a while an ad like this causes me to raise my eyebrows. Hey dude… so what if you DID eat th

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3 thoughts on “We Really DO Eat the Bones!

  1. Not too many generations ago, pretty much everyone chewed on the bones to get the nutritious marrow out, at the very least. And many cooks still cut the bones into pieces before making soup to get the marrow out.

  2. I appreciate your essay on eating the bones. In the future you might consider how much Americans spend on Calcium/magnesium/glucosamine supplements.

    We buy too many Costco rotisserie chickens, but understand that the most nutritionally-dense part is the soup we make from the carcass.

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