Let Them Eat Bugs!

What if you weren't around to raise meat for your community?  What would folks eat?  For fans of the popular series "The Walking Dead" (new episodes starting October 13) and those preparing for the Zombie Apocalypse, or any other kind of apocalypse, this is actually a topic of conversation. Darya Rose of Summer Tomato figures folks would get their protein from bugs.  After all bugs are very high in protein and for those of you watching your cholesterol, they are also low in fat (until you fry them up that is).   In this video, Darya, and Veronica Belmont, the host of Fact or Fictional, try out a recipe that includes things that survivors of an apocalypse might eat while they figure out how to grow a garden and raise something other than bugs.  It includes lentils, quinoa, root vegetables, crickets and wax moth larvae. Want to know what bugs taste like?  These ladies try them alone before mixing them in with the rest of the ingredients and give you a good idea of what you can expect. Here's a picture of their meal.  Click to visit the Summer Tomato website for the full recipe! We're holding a membership drive. Click to jo

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