Farming Bugs to Feed to Livestock

Glen Courtwright, CEO and founder of Enviroflight, says that Black Soldier Fly larvae have a nutty flavor, kind of like a savory cracker.  But he's not suggesting that we eat his product.  He's actually raising them as feed for livestock like pigs, cows and fish.  His bug meal is very nutritious, and it costs about 20% less than grain. The black soldier flies, live, mate and produce their eggs in a large greenhouse-looking building with Barry White tunes piped in 24 hours a day.  (No really!  Courtwright says that Barry White is a good replacement for the expensive vibrating equipment they would otherwise need to use in their process.)  The flies are fed waste products from breweries and ethanol production and they produce a few million eggs per day, or 2,000 tons of animal feed.   You can see the flies in action in this video from CNN's Erin Burnett. But food for livestock isn't the only benefit provided by this process.  The "excretions" from the larvae, along with their shed skins are ground up into a fertilizer called "Yellow Springs Select All-Natural Plant Food."  According to Courtwright the result is a fibrous material that helps keep moisture in the ground with a slower r

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