Uruguay Competes For Grass Fed Market

As I was doing research for the article on competition from imported grass-fed beef, I found a very interesting story being told about Uruguayan beef by one of its sellers.  Sprouts Farmers Market paints a picture that describes Uruguayan beef as more flavorful, and more consistent in quality than American beef, and even as more environmentally friendly.  They also describe difficulties getting the supply of American beef they need.  A little more research reveals that Uruguay has been paying a lot of attention to what potential customers are looking for, and they've built their entire industry around providing just that.  In the process, they've "differentiated" their beef, so that now, it's something that meat brokers and consumers look for and prefer. Here's what Sprouts Farmers Market says about their Uruguayan beef: "Our phenomenal, fresh, grass-fed Sommers Organic Beef is the most flavorful we have ever tried – and we have done a lot of blind taste tests! It comes from cattle raised in Uruguay, the #1 choice for "those in the know" at top U.S. supermarkets. Why Uruguay? There are not nearly enough domestic sources to keep up with demand for organic beef. Uruguay is easily the top supplier of grass-fed organic beef in the U.S., because of their long tradition with livestock and standards that most experts feel are higher than those in the U.S. (Note: Since Uruguay has summer and spring year-round, it is grass fed without the need for any feed to substantiate th

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One thought on “Uruguay Competes For Grass Fed Market

  1. Kathy – Very interesting article about the Uruguay cattle. We have been raising bison under the exact same standards for 17 years now. The Sprout’s Farmers Market info is correct – you can actually taste the difference.

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