Once Upon A Time We Farmed Moose

Once upon a time, in a land of long winters and little feed, someone wondered "why don't we domesticate moose?" Santa and many others in the cold north use reindeer. We could use moose instead of horses out here in the Russian wilderness. They would thrive on the twigs we have, since we have no hay. We could ride them through the snow, with their long legs lifting over the deep drifts. We could use them to pull logs out of the forest. They could take the place of cows, and we could eat them for their meat, and we could milk them, too. Yes! Moose could be perfect livestock for farming and riding and draft. The Swedish army's moose cavalry disintegrated on the battle lines when the animals ran to hide in the woods whenever shooting started.  Soviet War Moose, were trained in secret not to be gun-shy.  But when war broke out with Finland, they had not finished their training, and so never appeared in battle. Not ready to admit failure, the Russians decided to turn moose into cross-country animal transportation for geologists and loggers.  They could eat logging leftovers, and then be milked or eaten themselves.  Unfortunately, It turns out that moose don't have muscles in the right places to pull logs. It's sort of like putting in Yao Ming (7'6" tall former Houston Rockets basketball player) to block for your quarterback. He's strong, but he'

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2 thoughts on “Once Upon A Time We Farmed Moose

  1. Nice article. Having been kicked by several milk cows I was looking at the reach of those long legs!


  2. I have always appreciated the vast knowledge of Rachel. That has included the prose and humor. Keep it up,please.

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