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How to Build a Walk-In Freezer

By   /  February 17, 2014  /  5 Comments

Sure, you’ve got all the cold you can handle right now. But when the weather warms, you might be hoping for a place you can store things for your upcoming customers. Forrest shows you how to get going!

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Everyone knows how refrigeration works, right? There’s a big white box in our kitchens called a fr
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About the author

Forrest Pritchard is a professional farmer and writer, holding degrees in English and Geology from the College of William and Mary. His farm Smith Meadows was one of the first “grass finished” farms in the country, and has sold at leading farmers’ markets in Washington DC for more than fifteen years. His book Gaining Ground, A Story of Farmers’ Markets, Local Food and Saving the Family Farm (Click HERE) was named a Top Read by The Washington Post and NPR. Forrest’s new book The Farmer In Your Kitchen: A Celebration Of Extraordinary Farms And Local Flavors is slated for release in Fall 2015, from the award-winning press The Experiment.


  1. Market says:

    What does it cost to run the freezer per month.

  2. Is this structure in Virginia? Any thoughts on what would change (if anything) in the warm, humid South?

    • Forrest says:

      Anne, yes, this is in Virginia, and we get quite humid here as well. I think it should do just fine with high humidity, although your defrost mechanism might kick on a little more often to remove ice build up.

  3. Forrest says:

    There are 4 overhead lights inside, controlled by a manual switch on the inner wall. Four 60 watt bulbs light the room up nicely!

  4. Bill Fosher says:

    What did you do for lighting inside the freezer?

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