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How to Use a Paper Towel

Americans use 13 billion pounds of paper towels every year.  That’s a lot of trash.  Here Joe Smith shows you how you can reduce that by 571,230,000 pounds by using just one paper towel to dry your hands.

Here’s the link for folks reading On Pasture on an iPad or Tablet.

It’s just a 4 minute video, and quite entertaining, but if you don’t have time to watch it, here are the instructions.

1. SHAKE – shake your hands 12 times (12 apostles, 12 eggs in a dozen, or the largest number that’s just one syllable)
2. FOLD – fold the paper towel in half and dry your hands with it.

I tried it on my last business trip, and it really works! The best thing is that I actually got my hands dryer using his instructions than I ordinarily do when I use too many paper towels.

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