The First Ever, Fun-to-Read Annual Report

OnPastureBirthdayCakeIt’s our birthday!  On March 21st we’ll be 1 year old.  And it’s been quite a year for us.  We started out thinking we’d publish articles once a month.  But you, our readers and On Pasture Community, are so enthusiastic about reading that we became a weekly just like that.  We’ve now published 326 articles and as I write this, I see that we’re just 33 readers short of having 13,000 of you reading each month.  Our weekly email announcing the week’s new articles goes to over 6,000 people.  (Hey – would you like to be on that list?  Click on “Subscribe” in the right hand column” below to add your email.)

Since our articles are always up and ready to be read, each one keeps getting more and more views. Our article on keyline plowing is the first article that comes up when folks do a Google search and over 4000 people have stopped in to read it. That’s pretty cool!

Now, there’ve been some struggles along the way. The On Pasture editors and team members have had some health issues come up. Sometimes we needed a vacation, and you were kind enough to let us take the Holidays off so we could spend time with our families. And, because it wouldn’t be On Pasture if there wasn’t always some outside stressor, now Kathy and her husband are moving from Colorado to Tucson, AZ so he can take on a new, really great job. But through it all, what’s kept us going is our you, our On Pasture Community. (Oh, and if you haven’t had a chance to join yet, there’s no time like the present. Just click here!)

So that’s our annual report for our first year. Not so formal, but then, you’ve seen our pictures so you know we’re not so formal folks.

Our Pics

Now, here’s to our next year of doing what we do best: Translating research and experience into grazing practices you can use NOW (with a little humor on the side).

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