Farmstand – An App Helping Farmers and Foodies Get the Word Out

Farmstand iPhone Screen ShotsIf word of mouth is the very best way to spread information, then Farmstand could be one of the best ways for Farmers Markets to grow.  The simple app allows farmers, customers, and market managers to post information in a way that encourages more folks to come to the market and buy local food.

Here’s how it works.  Once you’ve got the app uploaded to your iPhone, you take a picture of what you see at the market, adding a comment if you’d like.  The app automatically adds information about where the picture was taken, so that other customers using the app see what’s going on in their area, and head on down to join the fun.  As more an more people use the app, there is more and more information available to everyone about what Farmers Markets at where, and what they’re selling on any give day.  The video below shows you more:

Here’s the movie link for those of you on tablets.

The app is available for free on iTunes.  Download the iPhone app here.  Don’t have an iPhone?  There’s a Mobile Web Version for Andriod users too.

The Farmstand TeamFarmstand is brought to you by Glenn Sidney, John Ford, and Josh Stewart.  Their dream is “to connect every community with locally grown food.  No matter where you are, we want to make it easy to eat local, prevent food wast, and get food to those in need.”  They’re always looking for ways to promote local farmers and spark conversations, so they created these downloadable posters too that you can print off and post where you like.

Farmstand Free Posters

The beauty of this app is that it helps grow a community of farmers selling at Farmers Markets and the customers who shop there.  The more people who use it, the more information is out there, and the more people will be out there buying and selling!

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