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Get Rid of Solid-Sided Handling Facilities

By   /  May 12, 2014  /  2 Comments

Dr. Temple Grandin designed livestock handling facilities with solid sides based on her theory that they prevent animals from seeing outside distractions. In this part of their analysis of these kinds of handling facilities, Hibbard and Locatelli demonstrate how animals move much more easily through open-sided facilities.

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Editors Note:  Over the next few weeks we will be sharing excerpts from Stockmanship Journal’s ar
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About the author

Whit is a fourth generation Montana rancher who spent aobut 38 years handling cattle conventionally before making the paradigm shift to low-stress livestock handling (LSLH) as taught by Bud Williams. For the past 10 years he has studied and practice LSLH, and shares his knowledge in clinics, onsite consultations, and articles. He began publishing the Stockmanship Journal in 2012. It is the definitive source for quality information on stockmanship. Though the importance of stockmanship is becoming well recognized, until this Journal, there was no professional publication addressing the subject. Hibbard began publishing the Journal in January of 2012 to provide a consistent and efficient way to share information on stockmanship, and to serve as a forum for open, intelligent and informed dialogue. The Journal is a means for improving the level of discourse and the discipline of stockmanship. It is published twice a year in electronic form and includes articles written by experts in the field.


  1. Kathy Voth says:

    There’s a ranchers.net “Bull Session” on this topic with a couple of ranchers sharing their thoughts and experiences with Grandin-designed handling facilities. You can check it out here.

  2. Bill Fosher says:

    I’m glad to see this groundbreaking work. I have tried sheep handling systems based on Grandin’s principles and found them to be the most difficult ones to use. Fortunately a sheep handling system can usually be reconfigured pretty easily. For the most part, open panels work the best for sheep. The exception would be in places where you want them to move forward more or less single file, like a drafting race, a working chute, or the approach to a scale.

    For years I assumed that this was a difference between cattle and sheep, since I have a lot less experience with cattle. But the observations in this article parallel my experience with handling sheep.

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