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Fixing Seasonal Electric Fencing Problems

It seems like every August I begin having animal escapes.  Changes in forage, changes in soil moisture, and wear and tear combine to put stress on the fence that was doing its job so well earlier in the season.  Sometimes there’s less forage, and animals decide they have a better idea for where to look for food.  Sometimes plants have grown up and are touching the fence, reducing it’s charge.  And if it’s been particularly dry, I no longer have a good enough ground to actually convince animals that they don’t want to go through the fence.  Then there’s always the possibility of equipment failure.

I know I’m not alone in this, so for all of you out there suffering with similar issues, here are a couple of great, short videos from McGregor Fence Company to help you troubleshoot your problems and then fix them.

Here’s how to find out what’s wrong with your fence:

And the link for tablet users.

In many cases the problem is inadequate grounding. Here are some ideas how to fix that problem:

With the link for you tablet folks.

Want to learn more?

Click on over to the McGregor Fence Youtube channel to see their whole video series.

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