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Sheep Managing Vineyards

This 8-minute video is the 2014 winner of the American Lamb Boards’ “A Day in the Life  of a Lamb Producer” award.  It describes the work being done by Kaos Sheep Outfit to manage grass weeds and vines in vineyards.  Even if you’re not a sheep producer, it will give you some great ideas about how to put together your kids’ college funds while teaching them the benefits of running livestock, and how thinking outside the box can provide new opportunities for your grazing livestock. What I also like about the video is that it hits all aspects of the operation from the ins and outs of prescribed grazing, to managing herding and guard dogs (did you know that you’ll have almost $1,000 in a guard dog before it even starts guarding sheep?), to producing the wool and sending it off to China.  Last but not least, the vineyard owner touches on how this impacts his bottom line and the environment. It’s a really complete picture!

Enjoy the video.  Share it with folks who might benefit from grazing in a new way.  And “Like” Kaos Sheep Outfit on Facebook to keep up with them in the future.

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