Stockpile Grazing Progress Report 1

Editors Note:  Troy Bishopp custom grazes organic dairy heifers.  He is letting us all follow along this fall and winter as they graze stockpiled feed.  It's a chance to see how his plan compares to what actually happens on the ground, and to learn from his challenges, mistakes and successes.  He hopes that we can all learn from his example so that we can reduce winter feeding and let animals feed themselves instead. This fall and winter we are custom grazing 53 organic dairy heifers, 4 bulls and 2 cow calf pairs on forage that I stockpiled last August while the herd was off-farm grazing leased pasture.  In the video I shared with the first article in this series, I showed my figures for how much forage I would need each day.  After estimating how much stockpiled forage I had in each pasture, I used my grazing chart to plan ahead and decide how much time my herd would spend in each area. Week 1 - 10/17 - 10/27 The herd returned to the farm on October 17th.  As you can see from my grazing chart below they spent one day in paddock 4 to settle in before I moved them to start strip grazing in paddocks 10 and 13. The black Xs show where and how long I planned for, and the green filled in squares show what actually happened. (You can download my grazing chart for this year here so you can follow along and compare planning to reality.) Paddock 13 has the gravity flow water tub in it and is the only water for the upper paddocks 10, 11 and 12, so once it is grazed of

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