Managing Culling To Improve Profit

Last week I described how Judy and I have used the guidelines from

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One thought on “Managing Culling To Improve Profit

  1. Marketing. Marketing. Marketing. Steve evaluated the situation and made a couple changes that paid off. If you market your cows like everyone else, you are taking the lowest possible price.

    In eastern Colorado there is no fall calving. Two other alternatives are possible. One is wintering the cow and selling her as soon as she is fat in mid summer. This works well if you can winter a cow very cheaply and let her put on fast gain on green grass which also is cheap. These cows can lose a little weight through the winter. There is a good demand for fat cows in the summer. This is an excellent method if you have a spring flush and need extra cattle to keep up with grass growth but do not want them around later. The important point here is to keep the winter cost low.

    Next is finding or developing a hamburger market for fat cows in the summer. This makes a cow very valuable. Again, keep winter cost low and let the cow gain back of spring growth.

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