The Dead Toad Frog

A few weeks ago the great grandkids were playing in the yard at our place. The noise of all the laughing and hollering of play suddenly changed to the crying and squalling of pain and fright. Naturally the response from the adults in attendance at this gathering was one of concern but no real fear. Probably one of the kids had taken a fall and hurt themselves or maybe they had decided to stop playing and fight for a while. But this proved not to be the case at all. It seems that the kids had come in contact with a yellow jacket nest and the consequences were as can be expected. They were being attacked by the yellow jackets. As one who, over the years, has had more than several encounters with yellow jackets, I know the results of these encounters are, to say the least, very painful. These little folks did what anyone in trouble would do. They went toward help and doing so they brought their torment with them. The ensuing stampede to the porch brought screaming, crying kids along with a bunch of pissed off yellow jackets and this in turn caused a very violent and vocal response from the adults. With arms swinging and chairs turning over and cussing such as should not be heard in mixed company the fight was on. After a few minutes of battle in seemed that the yellow jackets had been dispatched, but the squalling had not diminished one decibel. Unbeknownst to the women of the family, who had taken on the task of bringing order to all this chaos, the yellow jackets had got

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2 thoughts on “The Dead Toad Frog

    1. Don a great story and I have also been in the center of a yellow jacket swarm. I’ve seen over 33 years of working for NRCS and growing up on a ranch that we do better when working with creation instead of against it.
      I’m also sensitive as a retired lieutenant colonel that you might have a different take if one of your family died from the stings and many of us know someone who is that allergic. After the tragic murder of 141 school children in Pakistan yesterday it it clear to me that rattlesnakes and extremists must be dealt with whenever encountered and sadly some who are cheering them on, looking the other way or unwilling to take a stand may become collateral damage.
      Best wishes and thank you again for the story.

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